Wind Wanderer


      Cowboy's Interests:

  • Photography & Art
  • Writing
  • Outdoors & Nature
  • Kites
  • Charity
  • Design & Construction
  • Tech Geek





Sundowner CowboySimon Grew.

Also known as Cowboy.

Born: Yorkshire, United Kingdom. 1960

Son of a lithographic artist.




I have always been "in to" pictures. Lacking real talent as a painter, photography fed the desire to create. The digital age expanded that desire. I trained as a colour printer but am self-taught as a photographer and photo-editor. A picture should tell a story, engage the viewer or at least make us think. Pictures, more than anything hold both memories and dreams. After years in agriculture and industry I now have the time to endulge in what has (in the past) been neglected. If one person likes a picture; it is a good picture. If a thousand like it; it is still a good picture. A good picture... Is a good picture... Is a good picture!




I also write. Like my pictures, it is just something I do. Perhaps I am a story teller? When I have a tale in my head, I am unsettled until I have written it down. Once written and as I want it to be, I am content again; until another story starts to take shape. Sometimes that story can not be put into words. It is lost in the translation but a picture can tell it truthfully.


I've been on social media for years and joined Google Plus when it first started in 2011. I immediately knew it was different and powerful. There is something for everybody there and photographers around the world have made it their home. There is a true sense of global community and you meet interesting and caring people who want to "make a difference." Sadly, many of the less fortunate do not have access to that community. Like many other artists I like to share my work and have it enjoyed and appreciated by others. My work has been used in the past to support charities. I have wanted to go further for a long time. As a photographer, artist and writer I record and reproduce what I see of the world. I am therefore a watcher, witness or even consumer. Like many other content creators it would be nice to make a modest living from my efforts. Having the results appreciated by others is rewarding but I would also like to "put something back" in a world that feeds my creative instincts.